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It's a mad, mad world out there. Welcome to my fragmented mind. Stay as long as you like.

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Screen Printing [3]
Hand-drawn design. Messy screen. The old design still fell through after rinsing. Hmph.

Screen Printing [3]

Hand-drawn design. Messy screen. The old design still fell through after rinsing. Hmph.

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Screen Printing [3]

Today, I printed on a t-shirt. Yes, ‘tis my brain - the pre-surgery one.

Find the tumour! GAAAAH. I’m such a weirdo.

Hmm. Actually looks pretty decent.

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Can happen anytime,

anywhere…so they say,

and it’ll be your worst enemy.


Disguised in your most

comfortable thoughts.

"They didn’t mean it."


That dangerous cycle

is just a thought away.

Don’t think. Don’t think.


Don’t breathe.

The worst is yet to come.

But it gets better after, right?


Because it gets worse

before it gets any better.

So they say.


But why so vicious?

And who are “they”?

You should breathe.


Inhale and take a step back.

Talk to yourself and take a step back.

Exhale and take another step back.


Relapse. Just another battlefield.

No pressure. No sweat.

No giving in to false comfort.


Think. Think. You are done.

Hearts and souls need grace.

Give yourself  time and space.


Jo and I did a few prints.

Twas fun. Very fun. 

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"Nature Printing"

The title of that book I found inspiration from.

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I hated to do it. But I had to.

I sent images to friends - asking them to select from my personal collection, and I will give it to them - a type of forcible adoption, if you will.

We don’t have the time to read all the books we want. That much I know.

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Matt Damon, co-founder of water.org, takes up that ALS ice bucket challenge. 

Well, isn’t this ice bucket challenge becoming a ‘platform’ for more than just ALS? It’s great though. Awareness levels *increased*


"Carry" necklace, 2014, Maddy Young - Hand made brass and found flowers


Finally finished my jewellery assessment, and can now share the fruits of my labour!

Our assessment of work was on the concept of “material possession” and i chose to recycle an old concept of making an adaptable totem that is able to change with the wearer, housing different moments of significance, as the importance of each momento changes.

My aim was to ultimately make a series which embraced the element of change that is an integral part of personal growth and development, communicating a personal need to carry what is important, whilst simultaneously conveying an ability to change, adapt, and replace those things when it becomes necessary to do so.